I teach the Long/Scaravelli approach to movement and Asana practice.  This approach, as taught to me by Diane Long, teaches how to release body tension by aligning breath, movement and attention.

This alignment provides a new relationship with the body by developing lightness and connection, rather than pushing, pulling or imposing on the body.  Regular practice results in exceptional strength, flexibility and awareness.

This practice is available for Yoga students of all levels and those seeking to start a yoga practice.


Robert has been practicing Yoga since 2009 and is an RYT 200.  Prior to Yoga Robert trained for over 20 years in several Striking Arts, including Muay Thai.  He travels to train with Diane several times a year in the US and Europe.

Diane Long has been developing and refining Yoga for most of her life.  While living in Florence, Vanda Scaravelli invited Diane to become her student.   Diane was a devoted student for 23 years and continued training with her until Vanda's passing in 1999.  Diane is based outside of Rome and has been teaching for over 40 years.