Robert Leonard Yoga

I teach the Long/Scaravelli Approach to Movement.  This Approach, as taught to me by Diane Long, releases body tension by aligning breath and attention with the natural non-linear movement of the body.

This natural movement starts with the rediscovering of the fullness of the spine as it is allowed to release to its base position towards the ground while simultaneously resting from above to expand upwards.  This simultaneous movement releases body tension and becomes an invitation for the breath. 

Movement is then explored from this new relationship rather than pushing, pulling or imposing on the body.  For the attentive and patient student regular practice results in exceptional strength, flexibility and awareness.

This practice is available for Yoga students of all levels and those seeking to start a yoga practice.

Robert has been a student of movement for over 30 years.  For 20 years he practiced several Striking Arts, including Karate and Muay Thai.  He has had a daily Yoga practice for over a decade and is a RYT 200.   He  continues to explore in his daily yoga practice and teachings the elements of tension release and the intuitive expression of breath/attention through the natural state of non-linear movement.  He travels to train with Diane several times a year in the US and Europe.